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Google Chrome Extension Development

Hello and welcome My name is hanii and I will be guiding you through this This course there is no need to have any previous experience with the Google Chrome. Extensions will go from the beginning will start from scratch and move from an idea to actually real example and Publishing it on the Google Chrome Store. If you are, the type of the person who likes to code along, then we'll also set up the project where you can code with me.

Projects Overview


  1. Course structure

  2. Project Setup

  3. What Is Extension

Fundamental Concepts

  1. Manifest File

  2. Background Scripts

  3. Content Scripts

  4. Mid Summary

  5. Extension User Interface

  6. Publishing Online

  7. Fundamentals summary

Advanced techniques

  1. Persisting data in a storage

  2. Message Passing

  3. Cross-origin requests (XHR)

  4. Internationalization (localization)

Building projects faster and safer

  1. Typescript integration

  2. Webpack integration

  3. Manifest V3 migration

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