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Advanced JavaScript Foundations

Right below is the intended outcomes of the course, these are the skills and knowledge you will learn that you can take to any application to use.


  • Understanding Implicit vs Explicit Coercion
  • How Prototypal Inheritance Works in JS
  • Use the ES6 Class Keyword
  • Understand Lexical vs. Dynamic Scope
  • Create New Objects with the New Keyword

It all starts with syntax. From there, once you’ve got the concepts down, you can move into using a framework where you figure out how to make things “just work”.

Everything is great, until it’s not.

If someone put you on the spot right now and asked you to explain this, would they like your answer?

What about prototypal inheritance or coercion?

In this workshop, you’ll be taking things to the next level, shining a light into “black-box” concepts like prototypes, the this keyword, and what primitive types are.

hanii will walk you through each concept, and build your understanding through examples in the areas you need to know.


These are community notes that I hope everyone who studies benefits from. If you notice areas that could be improved please feel free to open a PR!

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