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How to Block Ads on Android Using Private DNS

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Published on: Aug 8, 2022

🔹Step 1

☪ First, open your Android app drawer and tap on Settings.

🔹Step 2

☪ Under the Settings tab, you must select Network & Internet or Wireless & Networks.

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🔹Step 3

☪ Under the Network & Internet Settings, select Private DNS.

🔹Step 4

☪ Now, you need to select the option Configure Private DNS.

🔹Step 5

☪ Under the hostname, type in ''

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🔹Step 6

☪ Save the settings and open the Google Chrome browser.

🔹Step 7

☪ On the URL bar, enter "Chrome://flags" and hit Enter.

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🔹Step 8

☪ Now search for ‘DNS’ and disable the Async DNS option.

🔹Step 9

☪ Now enter "chrome://net-internals" in the URL bar and hit enter.

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🔹Step 10

☪ Select the DNS tab and tap on the Clear Cache option.

✅ That’s it! You are done! Now restart your chrome browser to apply the changes. This won't block all ads but most of the ads will be blocked.

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